Growing up in the Big Apple, neither of us had the opportunity to develop a green thumb. We’ve always admired people who actually enjoy working out in the sun and soil to make their gardens look inviting. Admired from afar, that is, since it didn’t motivate us to get off our duffs and do the same! So For “F”, we thought it would be fun to take pictures of some of the flowers we spot in our walks around our neighborhoods. And off we headed.

Laura noticed that often when she’s walking she becomes too fixated on inner thoughts and doesn’t really pay attention to what’s around her. This time, with flowers on her mind, she noticed lots of things. There weren’t any flowers that truly stood out, but the frogs did! Since they begin with “F”, Laura threw them in her collage for Fun.

Barbara went in search of colorful flowers on her daily dog walk. She found some but was surprised that not only did hardly anyone have flowers in the front yard but they were all pink. So she threw in one of her flower boxes to get a bit of white and purple. Next year she’ll be giving those plus yellow some equal billing in the boxes.

Let us know about the flower power in your neighborhood!

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