The Sisters

Laura and Barbara share many things in common. One of them is laughter. These gals really believe life is better when they get their daily dose of giggles – which comes quite easily to them when they’re together. In fact, a particularly hearty bout has been dubbed “the weakness.” Needless to say, many of their friends and all of their family are familiar with this affliction.

Another thing they have in common is the desire to keep busy, stay relevant and try new things. Enriching their lives one letter at a time is just the ticket to accomplish that!

The ABC Life

If you’re new to this blog, here’s what it’s all about:

New experiences keep your life fresh and interesting – a constant stream of discoveries. So we’re having fun with the ABC Life – an orderly way to expand our lives with fun places to visit and fascinating things to do, read, eat and experience. Admittedly, we get enthusiastic over the tiniest things but then often lose that initial interest rather quickly – another reason why the ABC Life is for us!

The ABC Life is where you do as many things within a month that you can – starting with a specific letter. Obviously it all starts with “A.” October was our Q month and in our latest post you’ll discover why. During our Q month, and in all the months that follow, we’ll try to cover as many categories as we comfortably can, without feeling like it’s a race. It’s an add-on, not the end all.

The main categories are:

Going to a city, a specific venue or a type of place. For A, it could be going to Austin. Or if travel was out of the question, it could be going to an aviation exhibit or to a local airport and browsing through their gift shop.

Doing an activity. For A, it might be antiquing, apple picking or archery.

Trying a new food, recipe or restaurant.

The minor categories include:

Studying a subject. Curious about avatars or alligators? Just reading up on them for a few minutes is all it takes to learn something new.

Reading a book or watching a movie/video/tv series.

Additional categories are wide open. We like to give this category a wide bandwidth. Anything (within reason) goes. Like drinking a specific wine could work for a W (for wine) or for the name of the wine.

There are “points” in our ABC Life.

Doesn’t have to be the same for you, but we like the points concept – sort of the thrill we get from lists. But the rules for the points can change and when there’s no one making them but you, you can adjust them as you go. We give ourselves 2 points for a main category and1 point for a minor one. We aim for at least 6 points a month.

Remember – the whole idea behind the ABC Life is to encourage yourself to try new things. It is way too easy to keep doing the same old things or to not do much at all. So the ABC Life is the way to go! Try it and let us know how it’s going. We’d love to hear from you.


9 Responses to About

  1. This is terrific!!!! I absolutely love it. I might even give the ABC’s a whirl myself. It really is a great way to expand one’s horizons. You’ve got me thinking my dear! Keep this up. Imagine in one year the number of experiences you will have had. Extraordinary!!!

  2. Pat Chamberlain says:

    Love it! Very creative. I can’t wait to read more. You’ve inspired me to maybe start my own blog. Just have to think of something equally creative, which will be hard.

  3. susanbright says:

    Hi Laura,
    I am also one of those people who like to keep busy! I can’t do one thing at a time. I have lots of hobbies and interests. Your blog is very clever. I will keep checking back!

  4. Priska says:

    I left my job and am going through mid life transition. I am thoroughly enjoying all of the new experiences of creating my own journey which aligns more with my interests than the pursuit of money. Hopefully, my blog will be up and running shortly.

  5. Craig says:

    Looks like you took a bit of time off…gathering your thoughts or forgetting the ABC’s or something? Or maybe you Quickly decided that it was time to Queue it up again. Why did you Quit when it was going Quite well? You know, this is a bit of a Quaint blog, but my Question remains, yet I won’t Quibble with your Quest. This month you should wear a Qipao and eat some Qorma which might make you more Quirky than ever. At least be Quick about it.

    • abclauralife says:

      Time just went by too Quickly! But now that Barbara can more fully embrace the ABC Life with me, we will be more timely. We’re already Rev’ing up for R! And, since you are obviously in the abc spirit, we’re hoping you’ll add a comment from time to time.

      • Craig says:

        Really? R’s? So ready to ramp up the reverie of my revolutionary, rampant reactions from reading your relatively ruthless blog. Okay, ruthless is rather dramatic, but recognize that I realize the relationship runs deeper between 2 sisters raxing for the ABC’s of life. Ready, set, run!

  6. Ann says:

    Great BLOG! 👍🏼

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