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Debunking a long-held belief

2 Points Choosing a new subject to study each month is part of living the abc life. For A, it’s ANTELOPES. They’re beautiful and, if nothing else, have some of the best names: the dik-dik, eland, klipspringer, bushbuck, tsessebe, kudu, … Continue reading

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Talk’n Texan

1 Point Robert Hinkle, the author of Call Me Lucky, A Texan in Hollywood, writes about his days in Hollywood, where he taught Rock Hudson to talk like a Texan and James Dean to act like a cowboy for the … Continue reading

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Everything but Aardvarks

It’s amazing how those A’s can pile up fast – this time all under “activities.” 2 Points: This past weekend, it was all about ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATING. Motivated by an article in Southern Living that raved about a fabulous restaurant, Rancho … Continue reading

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Shake things up

New experiences keep your life fresh and interesting – a constant stream of discoveries. And lists, well I’ve always been the sort to write it down and check it twice. So I’m taking my love for the new and combining … Continue reading

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