Everything but Aardvarks

It’s amazing how those A’s can pile up fast – this time all under “activities.”

2 Points:
This past weekend, it was all about ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATING. Motivated by an article in Southern Living that raved about a fabulous restaurant, Rancho Loma, where the charm is abundant and the food is extraordinary, we met up with our close friends, Bill and Carol (from ARIZONA – can’t count that one) for a Texas style getaway. With the lure of a gourmet, farm-fresh, five course meal stretched out over three hours, that place exceeded our expectations. No wonder Bobby Flay is a fan. (No, he wasn’t there but his cookbooks were well represented at the Owl Drugstore where you can still get a great breakfast for $1.99.)

Since Rancho Loma is in Valera, Texas, we stayed at nearby Hords Creek Ranch in Coleman. What a find that was too. Clean and roomy, two-story, two-bedroom ranch house with fabulous cowboy ambiance.

2 Points:
On the ranch, I tried my hand at ANGLING. Didn’t catch anything but I did get a pull on the line. Hey, that was enough. I had finally “gone fishing.”

2 Points:
An 800-acre ranch has its share of critters. And who can resist horses’ hooves and cattle calls? Took some great shots during my brush with ANIMAL PHOTOGRAPHY.

2 Points:
Whenever I go to a new town, ANTIQUING is a must to get a flavor of the past. Although “true” antique stores were not abundant, we did find some rarities among items being readied for a Sunday auction. Interesting collection but nothing had my name on it.

What a great weekend.

How’s your ABC life been going?

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5 Responses to Everything but Aardvarks

  1. Barbara K says:

    I plan on boning up on Aardvarks this weekend. You’re getting way ahead of me on points! I hope I have some interesting tidbits on the little fellers soon. Hope to hit an art gallery as well.

  2. Jennifer Stanton says:

    Sounds like a very nice weekend! Keep posting. I’m enjoying your blog! 🙂

  3. janet DeLaurier says:

    So happy the trip was beyond expectations! We have a new ANIMAL (does that count?). Got a puppy, almost 5 months old Golden Retriever. Named him Bogey (well, it’s almost November!).

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