A couple of months ago we bought jigsaw puzzles to work on during the pandemic, but being procrastinators we hadn’t opened them yet. So the ABC COVID-19 Life gave us the impetus to finally do that. Laura selected a puzzle featuring a toy shop that reminded her of her granddaughters, and Barbara chose a scene from a Shakespearean village since she had just been to Stratford Upon Avon last year. They seemed good choices, as there was a lot of detail.

Barbara used to do intricate puzzles when she was MUCH, MUCH younger so she suggested we get 1000 piece puzzles. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING!!! Can we add a MUCH to that younger? The pieces are tiny and although there are a lot of items in the scenes that one would think would help in placing the pieces, the houses in the village all have the same roof, there’s water everywhere, the book shop windows are very similar, etc. We are bravely plodding forward and maybe we will have them finished by the time the pandemic is over! But…keeping busy is one of the reasons we chose to initiate the ABC COVID-19 Life, so we really shouldn’t complain.

Plus, we are not alone in turning to jigsaw puzzles to whittle away the time and stimulate the brain. Bill and Melinda Gates are huge fans – in fact, they rarely travel without a Stave Puzzle. In case you think you’ll do the same, a typical Stave Puzzle’s starting price is $907.00. Yes, you read that right! And if that’s not crazy enough, Gwyneth Paltrow bought her 14-year old son a Jiggy puzzle featuring a watercolor drawing of various female breasts. You have to admit, that’s a rather puzzling choice.

Are you working on a puzzle during these strange times? Let us know!

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3 Responses to GETTING OUR “J” ON

  1. ruthie1951 says:

    I started a puzzle too but I was much less ambitious than you guys. Looking forward to seeing what you do next!

  2. Sherri Allison says:

    Love reading your posts! You girls are always so creative. We too got on the puzzle kick. We had one in the house. After months it is still sitting on the card table with the frame only done. We have not got bored enough yet to focus on it. Keeping busy video chatting with family/friends, playing mahjong, euchre or hearts online or making cards. Of course we are cooking, eating and watching TV!

  3. abcsisters says:

    Thanks Sherri! Glad to hear you’re keeping busy and making the best of this situation!

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