I am overdue with “I”

Had a few more I entries to post before I jump into J.

2 points for Indie towns
Took a day’s road trip to Ben Wheeler and Edom, two small towns that predominately promote art and music. I figure that makes them indie towns. Ben Wheeler has an interesting story behind it. Three years ago, the de facto mayor Brooks Gremmels and his wife began buying up property in the heart of town. Once they acquired 40 acres, they naturally wanted to ensure the revitalization of the town – so they created a foundation that renovates historic structures and then rents them to artisans for $1 per month. Now there are nine art studios or galleries (The Flying Fish Gallery was my fave) and a few interesting places to eat, with The Forge Bistro leading the pack. Their pulled pork and green chili panini was mouth-watering delicious. I plan to recreate that little beauty soon. But it’s the music that is the big draw. If you’re in the neighborhood on Thursday through Saturday nights, you’re in luck. In Edom, the music starts as early as Tuesday at The Shed.

1 point for Philip Roth’s Indignation. This is dark comedy at Roth’s best. A strange book but, to my surprise, I truly enjoyed it and was laughing out loud several times. Since it deals with destruction, intolerance and tragedy, I have to wonder at myself, but certain passages were hysterical.

1 point for Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini. This is a clear example of how the ABC Life pushes me to try new things. Since this book deals with how our decision to buy something is influenced by one of six different marketing/sales maneuvers (reciprocation, commitment and consistency, social proof, liking, authority and scarcity), this is a subject that would catch my attention. It’s not, however, something that would necessarily push other books off my list to make room for me to read this one. But I did and am grateful for what I learned. Between the ABC Life and my book clubs, I have a whole new appreciation for the power and charm of non-fiction.

Unfortunately, I did not experiment with Icebox Pies but I did have a few Iceberg Salads. So, it’s time to move on to July and, naturally, a 4th of July BBQ.



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