A bit jumpy about J

With a two-week assignment that runs through the end of the month, I am quickly going to run out of time to do J things. So, with that frame of mind, we went last night to Joe’s Italian Bistro (2 points). Very pleasant neighborhood restaurant that had completely escaped my radar until now. Great value: lots of food, lots of flavor, not lots of money. Then we did an instant Netflix and watched All Good Things, a 2010 mystery film directed by Andrew Jarecki (2 points). Well-acted and interesting film, but quite creepy. Generated good discussion but unfortunately it remained in my head while I slept, resulting in a restless night.

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1 Response to A bit jumpy about J

  1. And throughout Furr, Eric sings obviously and full of emotion.
    This beloved music art form has inspired many a great singer and songwriter.

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