Inundated with “I”

Just by the nature of the letter, this month is all about I (or me, if being grammatically correct). So I’ve INDULGED myself and went to a class on INTUITION (2 points). It was an “intuition lab,” more than a class. Using an INFORMAL setting, the INSTRUCTOR (someone please stop me) talked about how you can develop your INNER voice and trust your INSTINCTS. I truly enjoyed it and have been working on listening a little closer to my inner “whisper.”

I was curious about the INCHWORM (2 points). I know it seems obvious, but I wanted to find out if this little guy measures an inch…or just moves an inch at a time. Well, short of getting up close and personal with one, I went on the internet and discovered that the answer is “yes” to both. I also found out that they are not really worms. They are caterpillars. I personally share one characteristic with inchworms – we have voracious appetites (at least that’s how it feels to me now that I’m dieting). However, while an inchworm spends its entire life feeding, I at least get to blog and jog (yeah right) occasionally.

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1 Response to Inundated with “I”

  1. B Katz says:

    You took away my inchworm idea! Rats. Now I’ll have to research the iguana. I found out a fascinating tidbit about Mr. Iguana. Did you know he has two sets of male organs that he alternates between copulations? Combine that with the fact that he has a third eye and he can really give Miss Iguana a run for her money.

    I did something totally out of the box for a Brooklyn girl like myself but since it is the I month I couldn’t resist, now could I? I went to Indy races. Now there’s a culture shock. These cars go round and round a track at very high speeds and people are rooting for a wreck! Don’t think I’ll be doing that again.

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