A sisterly outing has all the ESSENTIALS: eats and entertainment

2 points. EVENT ALERT tickets. For anyone living in the Dallas area, this is your lifeline for inexpensive tickets to all kinds of theatrical events. Barbara and I got two seats to the Richardson Community Theatre’s performance of Crimes of the Heart. Billed as a look into the relationships between sisters, we naturally thought this would be highly entertaining. It didn’t deliver on that angle, but the acting was exceptional.

1 point. El Fenix Restaurant. Miguel Martinez opened his first restaurant in 1918, leading to his claim of having the oldest chain of family-owned Tex Mex restaurants in the United States. I felt it was only fitting to have enchiladas. The chips were different but addictive. My curiosity about this chain was finally satisfied, my belly was full and although I don’t feel compelled to return, I wouldn’t complain if I did.

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1 Response to A sisterly outing has all the ESSENTIALS: eats and entertainment

  1. B. Katz says:

    Well my E month was fairly light; just the Event Alert and El Fenix that Laura mentioned. So I cheated and started my Fs early. Yesterday was Chamber Music at Fort Worth followed by Fred’s Diner (won’t give myself points since we’re still in E). I love Fort Worth and wish it were closer. I saw Fred’s in Diners, Drive Ins and Dives so we just had to check it out. It really is a dive but the food is very good. I ordered the featured item from Diners….the 16 oz (yes, I said 16) ribeye with chipotle sauce. I had the sauce on the side (really HOT) and easy on the spices and I must tell you…Fred definitely knows how to cook a steak. It was Fantastic. I could only eat half so A.D. gets dinner on Monday from it.

    I’ve got more Fs lined up but they can wait till March so that they are legit

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