You can eat it all at EATZI’s

The abc life is truly living up to its purpose: nudging me to try new things. I would be missing out on a lot of new discoveries without it.

2 points. Hubby and I took a short trip to EATZI’s Market and Bakery, an extraordinary European eatery. I expected it to be larger (probably to live up to the raves I’ve always heard about it), but its selections more than made up for its size. It’s like one wide circle, with fresh bread and pastries on the right, grilled food on the left and the highly popular salads-made-to-order area in the back, with sandwiches and endless entrees filling in the middle. We split a grilled panini that was delicious and took home sushi, lasagna, a french baguette, a cherry cheese pinwheel and a creme brulee.  The pastry was to die for…the light, flaky dough a wonderful reminder of breakfasts in Paris. I loved it all but the pinwheel will definitely bring me back. Although the lines were long, the customer service was very good and we found everyone helpful and friendly. EAT at EATZI’s and ENJOY!

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2 Responses to You can eat it all at EATZI’s

  1. Pat Chamberlain says:

    I love Eatzi’s. Definitely worth the trip. So glad you got to try it.

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