Easing into E

Thanks to a snowed-in start to my E month, I’m a bit tardy on getting started. However, I’ve managed to amuse myself with a few E ENDEAVORS.

Part of my campaign to be more organized this year, I went through all my earrings and eliminated six pairs and threw out two lone orphans. Now the majority are all neatly organized in two plastic tackle box things, while the favorites still float free in one of my top drawers for easy access.

ECHO Burning by Lee Child (1 point)
Snowed in and unable to get to the library, I eagerly reached for an unread E book from my book stash. And who can resist Jack Reacher, freelance lawman? He’s tough, carefree and so afraid of commitment that he literally only owns the clothes he’s wearing that day. But if you’re in trouble, you want Jack on your side. These books are very atypical for me but they’re enjoyable, emotional and the child, Ellie, is enchanting. Not my favorite in the series, Echo Burning was still a good escape.

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3 Responses to Easing into E

  1. Depraved David says:

    It is a shame about orphan earrings, but I have contemplated the humor in taking two pairs of shoes and dividing them into two unmatched, mirror-image pairs. Thus, a pair of black and a pair of brown could become two pairs of mirror-image black and brown. No real orphans here.

    Now that my sons are grown, we all have feet about the same size and so it is possible to EXCHANGE shoes. If any two of us wore the unmatched, mirror-image pairs, EACH could say, “See, I have pair just like the ones that you are wearing!”

    (This may be some holdover DEPRAVITY from last month.)

  2. B Katz says:

    Now I’m jealous. I love the name Depraved David…but that should have been for January. Perhaps you’ll switch to Fantasmagoric Fred this month? Continued my Fs today with a vintage fashion show. I was the only one there who got into the spirit of things by wearing a vintage purse and a plumed hat. Tomorrow we are off to Frisco for an arts Fair. Folderol and fiddledeedee (why not?)

    • Depraved David says:

      Glad you like my name. I like yours. I’d like to B Katz.

      Well, ENOUGH of this doggerel. I must B Off.

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