Last chance for “D” Day

Computer has been down all week, adding insult to injury regarding my lapsed blogging. Using spare one to input a few last D reflections.

Let’s hear it for the Dan’s. 2 points for a DAN Spigel presentation at my woman’s club earlier in the month. He talked about his mother’s family during the Russian revolution through the Nazi invasion. It was interesting but he was too concerned with selling his self-produced DVD, House of the Generals, to concentrate on giving us a truly focused message. Another 1 point for DAN Buettner for his book, Blue Zones: Lessons in Living Longer from the People Who Have Lived the Longest. (Special mention for one of the longest living titles in history.) Really enjoyed that book and will incorporate some of the lessons into my life. Not alphabetically, I may add.

2 points for studying the new additions to the world’s top English DICTIONARIES last year. “Matchy-matchy” is now official, along with frenemy, unfriend and friend as a verb. Thank you FaceBook for expanding our vocabulary. Other new words: flash mob, zombie bank, sheeple and bromance. Gotta love ’em.

1 point for DECLUTTERING DRAWERS. Part of my quest to become more organized. Discovering unused and now expired gift/promotional cards was one downfall to that project. Never again – I’m using all the others right away!

Well, unless I “DRAW” tomorrow, that’s it for my D month. Looking forward to E.

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1 Response to Last chance for “D” Day

  1. B Katz says:

    D Dragged on for me; hoping for a more Energetic E month tomorrow

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