Easing out of “E”

Yes, I realize my E month is gone, but I still have just a few easy entries to go.

1 point for each of the following books:
Ignore EVERYBODY by Hugh MacLeod. An extremely enlightening and easy read.  Truly gets you thinking about your creative side. Written for “creatives” (rather young ones, at that), its messages can easily be used by those who aren’t creative and those who’ve left their 20s and 30s in the dust. I’m giving this book as a gift because even if you take away one little nugget, you’re still ahead of where you were.

Danielle EVANS’ before you suffocate your own fool self is a collection of stories that are insightful, intelligent and witty. I’ve become interested recently in the short story form and her stories are great examples of what works.

2 points
I had myself an ENGLISHMAN last week. The Grazing Cow restaurant offers all-natural, local grass-fed beef dogs and the Brit version included a fried egg, baked beans and fried tomato on bun. Very tasty but too gooey to eat the traditional way, which damped the experience just a tad.

1 point
When you hear someone else’s conversation, is it eavesdropping? Or overhearing? An experience at a local Chinese restaurant got me thinking and after researching EAVESDROPPING (its origins and meaning) and polling some friends, I now know that when it’s unintentional (hey, I’m in hearing range guys), it’s overhearing. When you go out of your way to listen in, it’s eavesdropping.

Now bring on some fabulous Fs. I already have a few planned.


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