New restaurant – Honey Berry Pancakes & Cafe

We love discovering new breakfast places, so we were attracted to the name of this restaurant “like a bee to honey.” The first thing we noticed was that the breakfast options had neither honey in the ingredients nor in the names of the pancakes. We opted for a do-it-yourself omelet with fruit and pancakes or toast, figuring we’d each take one piece of toast and one pancake to sample. The omelets they brought were puffy and huge so we asked how many eggs were in it, figuring the waitress would say 3 instead of two. Oh no…there were SIX eggs in each omelet!  How does anyone eat this breakfast! We tried but had a whole lot left over. Unfortunately, the taste of everything was pretty unnoteworthy so the other two thirds of the omelet got left. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

And speaking of honey….


What food never goes bad?

According to Encyclopedia Brittanica, honey never expires. Jars of honey have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs thousands of years old but still edible.

What we want to know is….who decided to open those tombs and try the honey???

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2 Responses to A HONEY OF A MORNING

  1. Toni Jenkins says:

    I recently read the book “Mad Honey” by Jojo Moyes. One of the main characters is a beekeeper and I read pages and pages of interesting information about honey.

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