Hooray for Howdy

Knowing we were both going to be altering our eating habits this month, we decided to have one last splurge on one of our favorite things: ice cream! Howdy Homemade in Dallas seemed like a great choice. As they say about themselves: “we’re all about two things: amazing ice cream served by amazing people.” Barbara had the Dr. Pepper Chocolate Chip (delicious ice cream but the chocolate chips were a bit too large) and Laura had the Chocolate As All Get-Out (what’s not to love about that!) This is an ice cream shop that is making a difference – in creative flavors and in creating a place where teens and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities can find meaningful employment and stand as an example of how having a people plan is just as important as having a business plan. Started by Tom Landis in Dallas back in 2015, Howdy Homemade is a great shop to visit.

Activity – Hiking

Glad we got in that ice cream while we did because we are now trying our best to live healthy. So in that vein we went for a hike in a nature preserve we’ve passed several times but never stopped at, the Spring Creek Nature Area. Finding parking was a bit of a challenge but once on the path it was a lovely place to walk and in addition to the paved trails, there was a Nature Trail Loop that takes you further into the “wilderness.” Laura’s son pointed out to her that there was a difference between walking and hiking and she can now prove that she/we did indeed hike. It felt good to move and hopefully combined with our new healthy eating plan, we will feel a big difference. That is, if we can stay away from all the temptations that come our way each week. Fingers crossed.

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2 Responses to A HEALTHY DOSE OF “H”

  1. Toni Jenkins says:

    I am curious about your “new” eating plan. Will you be sharing this with us later?

    • abcsisters says:

      Toni – our “new” eating plan focuses on whole foods, nothing processed – commonly referred to as “clean eating.” Plus, cutting out snacking between meals.

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