Grandscape is a large and highly entertaining development nearby that we have not yet explored – and it has lots to explore.

New Activity: Grandscape Ferris Wheel

As sisters we have many things in common. However, the dare-devil gene is far stronger in Barbara than in Laura. Barbara was all jazzed and eager to try the 200-foot Grandscape Ferris Wheel. Laura not so much.   Fortunately, the climate-controlled gondolas move much smoother than the ferris wheels at Coney Island (from our youth) or those at various Los Angeles county fairs (from our young mothers era). Plus, being enclosed, they didn’t offer the same exposure that open air ones do. Also, there was no stopping during the continuous 15-minute ride, so you didn’t have to experience the scary rocking back and forth. This was a ride that offered far-reaching views, although not exactly particularly picturesque. All in all, it is an experience that is far better suited for young families.

New Restaurant: Barley and Board

After the ferris wheel, we were eager to try a new restaurant and Grandscape had plenty of options. We chose Barley & Board, advertised as a gastropub. It’s a spacious eatery with an interesting atmosphere and a few built-in round tables for six and eight (perfect for a friend or family lunch or dinner). They are known for their many in-house brews (thus the Barley) and hand-crafted cocktails and creative charcuterie boards, but we opted for their goat cheese flatbread (with artichoke hearts and roasted grapes) and the pecan bread pudding. So delicious. We oohed and aahed throughout the meal and told the waitress we wanted to live there.. We will be back.

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