New Activity – CELTIC MUSIC

Barbara: I’m pretty sure that neither Laura nor I have a drop of Irish in our blood but ever since I went on my trip to Ireland a few years ago I’ve loved Celtic music, so what better way to go green than to see a Celtic band perform on St. Patrick’s Day? Cleghorn is a Celtic Rock Band spearheaded by Texas guitarist John Cleghorn and his son Dylan who designed and plays a really mean, acrylic fiddle. In addition to the fiddle, he played Uilleann Pipes which are similar to the Scottish bagpipes, plus a strange instrument called a Didgeridoo that looks like a long wooden pipe. Just the name alone made me a fan of that instrument.

The performance was high energy and great. The only thing I forgot to do was have a glass of Guinness but I’ll take care of that later in the weekend.

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  1. Pamela Widom says:

    sounds like a fun event!  I forgot who the professional (Perhaps Michael Flatley)is but years ago there was the irish line dancing troupe where they stomped their feet and I liked it for 30 sec but it went on and on for 30 minutes…LOL  Not that you care~  Haha

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  2. Janet Parker says:

    Interesting. Digiredoo is a native Australian instrument.

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