New activity – Great Backyard Bird Count

Barbara – My daughter-in-law Linda loves watching our feathered friends and has sent me many pictures of interesting birds from her yard. So when I read that there was something called the Great Backyard Bird Count, I figured she would be willing to participate with me and I was right. Reading up on the event, I learned that four days every February the “world comes together for the love of birds.” People go to their favorite places to bird watch and report their findings to the Audobon Society.

So, armed with binoculars and the Merlin app, we identified 7 different birds. Not sure I’ll continue bird watching but it was fun and felt good to be part of a global project to help scientists “better understand global bird populations before one of their annual migrations.”

New activity – Fanciful Feathers

The Kittrell/Riffkind Art Glass Gallery is one of our favorite places and it was nice to see they were honoring our feathered friends too! The art was gorgeous and we wish it wasn’t out of our price range because the birds they showcased were stunning and our pictures don’t do them justice.

Learning Center:

While we’re on the topic, do Birds of a Feather REALLY Flock Together?

Yes, they do for various reasons such as defending against predators.

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  1. Janet Parker says:

    I wish I had known about the bird count.
    Oh yeah, now I want a glass bird.

    • abcsisters says:

      That’s what we love about the ABC Life. We find things to do that we normally never would have. If you’re ever up in Dallas you should visit that gallery; beautiful stuff.

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