New activity – Theatre Production of “Forever Young”

Lately we hear a lot of  people saying “getting old sucks.” But the five friends who put together this musical feel that music can make getting old feel forever young. We were in agreement with their feelings about music, how it can bring you back to periods or events in your life, uplift you when you feel low. Josh Sassanella is credited with being one of the writers and we saw him that afternoon. The play was very enjoyable, Josh was extremely entertaining with his facial expressions, and it was fun to listen to all the music we grew up with.

Learning Center – Fountain of Youth

Speaking of “forever young,” we learned in school that the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León went to an island called Bimini looking for a legendary, magical spring whose water was believed to make older people young again. Today we hear product after product advertising that they will make one look young again and restore youthful appearance.

As it turns out, Ponce de León never looked for the Fountain of Youth. According to, the tale was concocted years after his death by a chronicler who wanted him to appear foolish.

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4 Responses to FOREVER YOUNG

  1. Brenda Wright says:

    How interesting about Ponce de León!

  2. Pam says:

    Sounds like it was a delightful afternoon. What songs did they sing? Probably before my time…..JK!

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