Activity – CROSSWORD Puzzles

We have always loved crossword puzzles. We both start our day with one regular crossword from a newspaper and we also do the New York Times Mini, Seven Little Words, Waffle and Wordle. Barbara adds Dordle and Quordle. So we thought we’d see if there was another puzzle type we could get into (the more daily puzzles, the later we would have to do start something like-ugh-cleaning).

Laura surprisingly found a puzzle book given to her by our friend many moons ago. We sampled several puzzles. The verdict was:

Crypto-Clans – might be good but we didn’t have the patience for it so maybe not a morning puzzle.

Crosticlue – might be fun but the one we sampled was all about sports figures so we couldn’t do it.

Pencil Pointers – too much like a normal crossword puzzle.

Logic Problem – this also may be fun but you needed to be able to concentrate.

And the winner was: Can You Top This? This was a puzzle that was just the difficulty level needed to be both fun and challenging yet finished before your second cup of coffee.

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  1. Pam says:

    You are both such ‘smart’ girls…why do you hang around the likes of me?

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