New author – Chris Cleave

Barbara: I usually am not crazy about English authors – although I love their television shows and movies- but the main characters in the book “Everyone Brave is Forgiven” had such wonderful turn of phrases that I was definitely drawn into their world. The book focused on the toll the war took from 3 different viewpoints: on friendship, on soldiers and I especially liked how he showed the effect on a woman who seemed to join the war effort thinking it would be a lark. It’s a recommend from me.


Barbara: This is C month so I decided to go to Champagne, France. No, of course not but what a great coincidence that a trip I’ve been planning for a year coincided with the letter C.

I love every place I’ve been to in France, and this was no exception. From the beautiful churches – the stone one below had stained glass by Marc Chagall – to the quaint little buildings in old towns that made me feel like I was living in a period piece movie, to the fantastic champagne it was a trip well worth the wait!

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