The rain is definitely shaking up our plans for L activities but we are still managing to Locate things to do/places to see.

2 points – New Place

How lucky that a Food Network winner was close by. We had read that The London Baker, located in The Colony, was famous for their cakes and had won Halloween Wars along with other high accolades so we hopped in the car and drove there, mouths watering. What made the trip interesting was that it was located in a small shopping center encircled by a beautiful residential area designed along the theme of Camelot. All the streets were named for it: King Arthur Blvd., Merlin Blvd., Sir Lancelot Blvd., etc. and we had to drive over a drawbridge to leave and enter.


After embarrassing ourselves by calling them for directions when we were literally just around a corner of stores, we arrived at the charming bakery. Although cakes are their specialty we weren’t about to order something that large for a snack so we went with scones.

The baked goods were beautifully displayed and the strawberry and cream and blueberry lemon scones called our names. But unfortunately, we weren’t all that impressed. A little too dry for our taste.

2 points – New Place

After finishing off the scones, we headed out for Lakeside at Little Elm. We had heard that there is a man-made lake and beach there, so we had envisioned a lake with perhaps shops on a boardwalk. Why not go all out if you’re creating a beach? Our destination was the Hula Hut which is a Hawaii themed restaurant situated overlooking the water.


Unfortunately, because of the weather we couldn’t get the full effect of the area. No shops or boardwalk but from our seats by the window, though, we could see a couple of guys on boards in the water, propelled by a cable, and going up and down slopes – kind of a water ski but with cables instead of a boat pulling them. Probably pretty crowded in the summer, we would imagine.

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2 Responses to L IS LIMPING ALONG

  1. Pam says:

    At least it’s limping. Little Elm is fun when the weathers sunny and hot! Keep the adventures coming!!!!

    Ps. We’re you in Castle Hills?

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