What the “L”- let’s start L month with food. What a hardship!

Of course, being Lazy we waited two weeks before posting but eat we did. The first food we wanted to try was Lithuanian. Not having Learned much geography, we assumed that would be the same as Russian cuisine so we found a little gem called Bubala Cafe.


Having heard that word a lot in childhood (it means sweetheart in Yiddish), it really appealed to us. Bubala turned out to be a sweetheart of a restaurant.

Although we learned that Lithuanian food was not the same as Russian food, we did get to try Lepyoshki which is a bread from the Uzbek region of Russia.

Bubala2 (2)

It comes in a circular loaf and is meant to be pulled apart and used to sop up the good flavors of the rest of your meal. Definitely a thumbs up. 

Next on our list was Lebanese food which we sampled at Rose Mediterranean Cuisine in Plano. The food was tasty – of course we tried Lamb – but it wasn’t different than other Mediterranean foods we’ve had. We’ve yet to find something that is specific to only that country. 

Our mom wasn’t a great cook (sorry mom) but she was a fantastic baker, always the person called upon to bring the dessert. So it’s only fitting we find her specialty- Lemon meringue pie. The best in DFW can be found at S&D Oyster House in uptown. Make sure you save room for dessert if you go because it will be worth it!

Let us know of any tasty L treats you have sampled!

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