Did you ever wonder just how much body language “speaks”? We decided to experiment by watching a show on TV with the sound muted and comparing notes on what the show was about. We chose a soap opera since the acting in those shows tend to be very exaggerated, making it easier (so we thought) to interpret the action and figure out the plot.  Our goal was to see how similar our interpreted story lines were to the show’s and to each other’s version.

The results were mixed. The body language allowed us to perceive the emotional narrative and gain insight into the relationships between characters. The plot line however was a hit and miss. The overall results were we aligned about 60% with the actual plot line and character relationships, but not totally agreeing with each other.

Actually, the whole activity was a hit and miss. Took up time but not time well spent. Instead of Watching Without Words, we would have been better off and had more fun doing an experiment by Speaking Without Words. In other words, playing Charades!


We thought we’d give a weekly update on our BreadEx deliveries. This week we went all out and in addition to our weekly order we also selected a Bread Box for the holidays. The star of this box was the challah, which was out-of-this world when used in Barbara’s amazing Banana Pecan French Toast Sandwich – delicious! This week’s Broa Portuguese Corn Bread tasted great with chili. It’s amazing how different corn bread Portuguese style is from what we are used to here in the states.


We just love trying out these different breads from all over the world. Now off to watch a movie while we enjoy our accompanying caramel popcorn cookie. Thanks BreadEx!


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