Poetry has never been our forte but there’s something very soothing about the Japanese poetic form of Haiku. During this pandemic anything that can calm the mind and relieve some stress is welcome. So, we thought we’d try our hand at it.

First, we had to learn a little something about the haiku. Haiku is an unrhyming poem with a particular structure: 3 lines with 5 syllables in the first and third lines and 7 syllables in the second line: 5, 7, 5. When haiku was first introduced, the subject was restricted to a description of one of the seasons and was designed to elicit an emotional response. We’re glad it widened its realm of subjects as our minds are not necessarily on nature right now.

So here goes:

Laura –

Like scattered raindrops

Thoughts bounce off intended marks

Stress and calm battle.


Barbara –

Strewn on wooden table

A thousand pieces

A brain overwhelmed.


Can you tell what’s on our minds? Try your hands at haiku and share with us via comment!

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3 Responses to HOW’S OUR HAIKUS?

  1. Ellen Cherin says:

    Nimble fingers flying
    Colorful yarn aswirling
    Sweater emerging

    • abcsisters says:

      Thanks for joining in Ellen. You’ll have to pose in that sweater once it emerges.

      • Ellen Cherin says:

        They are all for babies and tots. Have no patience to knit for myself only to find out the it: a) doesn’t fit or b) I don’t like it and would never wear it! Only dilemma is finding babies to give to…have tots to send to.

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