Enough is enough! We’ve decided not to let this pandemic limit our lives. So we’re starting the ABC COVID-19 Life, safely and from the comfort of our homes.

Of course, there will have to be some adjustments made.

Instead of going alphabetically, one letter at a time per month, we have drawn up a 26 letter ABC COVID-19 Life Grid. We’re going to fill in the squares with our activities as we do them. If we find that we have more than one thing each for a particular letter and can rename it to fit into a different square, that’s OK too.

Our self-imposed rule is to go through the alphabet in the three-month period of July through September. As with the ABC Life, we are flexible in how we accomplish this but once again the ABC (or in this case ABC COVID-19) Life will rescue us from boredom, repetition and feeling sorry for ourselves – plus we fully expect it to keep our spirits up!

We hope you’ll share with us any ABCs you get started on!

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