2 points – Activity – Day of the Dead FESTIVAL

Laura recently introduced the movie Coco to Barbara so how apropos that the sisters made the Denton Day of the Dead Festival their final festival of the month. Now this was a festival that delivered. There were many attendees who looked like they were returning from the after life to join in the festivities.

People went all out to create coffins for the coffin races.

And there were vendors galore. Barbara was “dead” set on buying a skeleton bride and groom but surprisingly none were for sale so she had to make do with a mug showing the “spirited” couple.

To top off the day we went to a Mexican restaurant and spent the next hour “goblin” down our food.

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1 Response to FINAL FESTIVAL

  1. ruthie1951 says:

    That sounds so much fun. I’m “dead set” on going to my local festival next year!

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