How fortunate that we found three Flower related things to do in our F month: a city, a restaurant and a TV show.

2 points – New City

Roughly a half-hour drive but never visited, FLOWER MOUND called our name. We chose to visit their FARMERS Market, but unfortunately there was hardly any fresh produce (off season) and relatively few craft booths, but we did discover a new vendor for jam and jellies.  After sampling a few, we settled on the No Sugar Plum and No Sugar Blueberry Jam – and you really couldn’t tell it had no sugar! But since we did want more edibles, we drove another eight miles to the Coppell FARMERS Market where we found delightful FAIRYTALE Eggplants. These purple and white striped miniature eggplants made for a delicious addition to a newfound pasta recipe.

2 points – New Restaurant

FLOWER CHILD Restaurant in Addison was a wonderful discovery and we loved their motto: live wild and FREE! Everything is made from scratch, using farm-fresh ingredients, and there is an ample selection of bowls, grains, greens and wraps. We had the Mother Earth Bowl and the Mediterranean Quinoa and both were delicious!



1 point – TV show

The bloom was definitely off for our third Flower pick. FLOWERS, a British black-comedy about a weird and eccentric family, received outstanding reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, The Guardian and The New York Times, but did not come out smelling like a rose for these sisters.  We gave it a try but both of us could not even make it through the first episode.


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