2 Points – Activity – Aubrey Peanut FESTIVAL

This month Texas is chock full of Festivals so we are going to three of them! Our first one was in Aubrey and should have been called the NON-Peanut Festival. We went expecting to see vendors that sold peanuts, peanut brittle, peanut butter, etc. but there was one lone

vendor with roasted peanuts. What a disappointment. We asked him why he was the only peanut vendor and he explained that Aubrey no longer grew peanuts. Exploring further, we found that in the 30s peanuts were a cheap and profitable crop to grow but by 2009 horses and houses replaced the peanut crop. We did not have enough saliva to enter the peanut spitting contest so we went on to our next stop in Aubrey….


2 Points – Activity – FORTUNATA Winery

Just a few miles from the festival we came to Fortunata Winery for a wine tasting. The server was very friendly and talked about the wines they grew and the tasting was quite reasonably priced. We found three in particular that we liked, one red, one white and one rosé so we supported the winery by buying a bottle of each.


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