Let B Begin

Lucky Barbara. She gets to start her B month abroad!

B&B, Buns and Books in Bath

Barbara: 2 points-BATH, England 

How convenient that my vacation to England took place during B month. My first stop was the city of BATH. I even chose a B&B to match – BROOKS Guesthouse. Small but charming, with a tilted roof, but the clincher for me was the wallpaper in my hallway is in the theme of a bookcase!








Although I was dying to be able to say I took a bath in Bath, it was not meant to be as the room had none and it was too cold to swim in the real Roman baths. A special B treat, though, was the famous Sally Lunn’s BUNS – huge things that were served either with sweet toppings on the top half or savory toppings on the bottom. Tried both but the winner in my eyes was BRIE, cranberries and BACON. Hopefully that will be the only time I can say I had huge buns!

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