Recently, while having lunch with my daughter and and the twins (my sweet 7-year old granddaughters), I discovered the joy of AIOLI. Generously spooned on top of my Kobe burger, the green Aioli was bursting with flavor and lit up my taste buds. Aioli is kind of like mayo but with garlic. In fact, it’s olive oil emulsified into freshly crushed garlic and then seasoned with salt and lemon and other ingredients of choice. Celebrity chef Guy Fieri calls his aioli “Donkey Sauce” (and why not?). In researching this popular “sauce”, I found out that its popularity has already peaked since McDonald’s in Australia serves it and Burger King served “zesty avocado aioli” with its Avocado Swiss Whopper Sandwich back in 2013. Once something hits the fast food industry, I guess it’s yesterday’s mashed potatoes but not to me – I will be seeking it out on menus everywhere!

Barbara – In keeping with the apple in our recipe from the other week I got to wondering how the ADAM’S APPLE got its name. I found that the most popular legend states that when Adam took a bite of what was assumed to be an apple from the Tree of Knowledge, it got stuck in his throat. That was found to be ridiculous because even if you bought the explanation, why would Adam’s descendants also have a piece of apple stuck in their throats? Since an Adam’s apple is actually the front part of the cartilage of the larynx and is more prominent in men than in women, the more scientific explanation is that in Hebrew the proper name Adam literally means “man” while the Hebrew word apple means “swollen.” Hmm. Say no more.




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