Y and Z begged us to be together since they felt that W and X paired up nicely.


Once you’ve had a monkey on your head, as we had in Brazil, the next logical step is to have a goat on your back. Goat Yoga has fast become a trend and is as much fun as it sounds. It started in Michigan in 2016 where Lainey Morse lived on a farm with ten goats. She first hosted a goat happy hour for people who were stressed or ill because “it’s impossible to be sad or depressed when there are baby goats jumping around.” At one of her events a yoga instructor asked if she would be interested in mixing in yoga with the goats.  And voilá – Goat Yoga was born.

We checked it out and can attest to the fact that a crowd of about 30 people were constantly laughing and cuddling with our new found friends. Plus we even got in a few yoga moves. 


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