Laura – More WATCHFUL. I need to be more in the present, less in my head. I want to take the time to see, hear and smell the roses – which I can only do if I’m in the “now.” When I walk the neighborhood, I want to look around and enjoy what I’m seeing. The squirrels, rabbits and birds are fine with a little eye contact. Maybe, it’s time to resume a project I started long ago (and abandoned for no good reason). It was take a photo of at least one interesting thing per day. That will help me be more watchful wherever I go.

Less WASTE. I have been making inroads but I still have a way to go toward using up the food I have. Whether it’s in the refrigerator, freezer or pantry, I don’t get to it in time to feel that it is still safe and then it’s thrown away. What a waste – of money and resources!  Trying to buy less and go to markets more frequently to accommodate the fewer items purchased per visit. Also I’m tracking what I have through a visual reminder system I’m testing out.  Whatever works – but the goal is to purchase the right amount of food and to use it all up. Who knows…maybe I’ll also resurrect my old book project: Eat Your (Future) Garbage Cookbook.

Barbara – More WEAKNESS. This is not the meaning you are thinking of. As sisters and best friends, Laura and I spend a lot of time together laughing. I’m talking about the full out, fall on the floor, uncontrollable bouts of laughter laughing. It’s so bad we’ve given it a name – The Weakness. Everyone in our family and our close friends can’t help but be familiar with this “affliction” of ours. When we are weak with laughter in the kitchen we can hear from the other room “Oh, they’ve got the weakness again.” Friends have even taken to snapping candid shots of it. But I say, bring it on! Nothing in the world better than laughter!





Less WEAKNESS. This time I mean it in the traditional sense of the word. I want to work on weakness of character – having the strength to stand up for what I really want, need or believe in rather than worrying about what someone else would think of me. I’m not really terrible in this regard but there’s always room for improvement.

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1 Response to WRAPPING UP W/X

  1. Jane E Rubin says:

    Love your more and less W words. Inspirational and aspirational too. My personal pairing would be more Welcoming and less Worrying. Perhaps I should have chosen something else, but I will make a good start by not worrying about it 😁

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