The QUEST for Q Continues

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Barbara: “Real men don’t eat QUICHE,” but we do and this time in a very special restaurant called Hugs Café in McKinney, Texas. Hugs is the creation and passion of founder and president Ruth Thompson.

“Our goal is to empower adults with special needs to change their lives for the better by creating jobs and providing extensive training every day. We’re changing the world, one hug at a time.”

Like their sign says, “Hugs are Welcome”, and so were we.  When was the last time you were served lunch by a smiling waiter or had your hand shaken by a cashier? And the Quiche and turkey sandwich with peach chutney were really good. A must see when shopping in McKinney Square.

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Laura: In searching for a film set in QUEBEC, I chose the entertaining dark comedy thriller, Bon Cop, Bad Cop. Starring Patrick Huard and Colm Feore, this buddy cop movie distinguishes itself on being bilingual and providing a glimpse into how the Anglos and Francos coexist. When a body is found exactly on the border between Quebec and Ontario, an English cop and a French cop reluctantly partner up to solve the case. The banter between these two and their cultural clashes are the strength and heart of this movie. The more you know about Canada’s culture, the more inside jokes and references you will pick up. Since my knowledge is quite limited, I’m sure I missed a great many quips but totally enjoyed the movie anyway. Although I chuckled throughout (the quirky coroner’s explanation of the first victim’s cause of death was one of my favorite bits), the movie was not without its violence and tension.

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Barbara: I personally love books that either switch between two viewpoints or between past and present. The Alice Network by Kate QUINN did both. The characters portrayed in this historical fiction about female spies during WW1 really pulled me in…not enough to make me want to become a spy but you’d have to do a lot of pulling for that. A recommend for sure.

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