A “Q” Quandary


Having taken a sabbatical of sorts from this blog, I am now ready to restart. Plus, I have a willing and able co-blogger with whom to share the joy of journaling the ABC Life – my sister! Barbara was an avid commentator previously and now joins me at the helm.

The Quandary: deciding between restarting with A or picking up with Q. However, since we’ve both lived the ABC Life from A to P, Q won out, with nary a Quarrel nor Quibble.

So let the Quest for Q begin!

2 points

Barbara: We’ve always thought of Quilts as “patchwork” so we were pretty amazed at the variety displayed at the QUILT Show in Plano. There were some made from remnants but more often from elaborate patterns and even surprisingly masks made by Quilting. The flowered quilt in the picture was the result of a “Chopped” challenge. Quilters were given a stack of materials and told to create a quilt from them. Quilting can be as simple or complex as you want it to be but it’s a hobby that can definitely lead to new friendships. Since I generally get carried away, I started planning my first quilt but came to my senses before we left.

2 points

Laura: Very few restaurants begin with “Q”, so lucky for us to have found  QDOBA Mexican Eats in Richardson. It’s an informal place where you walk to the counter and customize your dish with the help of the friendly staff. Bonus: Queso and guacamole are always added at no charge! We tried the Quesadillas (of course) and a brisket burrito bowl. Both were delicious and of ample size, thereby satisfying both our Quality and Quantity check marks.

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