No, no, don’t go

My N month flew by. I have done quite a bit to live the “N” life, so here’s the lowdown:

NEIGHBORHOOD theater (2 points). A small theater (previously unheard of by me) featured a great play, “Over the River and Through the Woods,” by Joe DiPietro. It starred two great ladies who I know and admire: Janye Anderson and Karen Jordan. I went with some friends from my NEWCOMER Friends of Greater Plano organization to cheer on our talented cohorts. The play was hilarious and served as another great reminder that fun things to do are right under our nose.

NON-TIMED 5K Walker (2 points). Now this may be a stretch to use the N, but the abc life says the only rules you need to follow are your own. (Rather dangerous thinking, but if you’re making up the rules you can also bend them). I participated in the Susan G. Koman walk in Dallas recently. Yes, we had to get up at 5:00 a.m. but it felt great to get out there and do something to support women’s health. Amazing to see all the crazy outfits and to be part of the shared experience of honoring this great cause.

NOSH Euro Bistro (2 points). Fabulous food, great service and restful ambience. Goat cheese and beet salad was awesome and the banana bread pudding easily stepped into the Top 10 best bread puddings in the country. The menu changes seasonally so there’s plenty of reasons to return.

NUTELLA (2 points). I have always had an aversion to trying this. Something about the name? The look of it? But my friend Claire loves it and shared her jar. At first I thought it was okay. But then my preconceived notions of the taste overcame me and I decided I didn’t like it. So what does that say about holding onto long-term, untested beliefs? I’m thinking it means the longer we avoid forming an opinion on facts, the harder it is to displace it once we encounter reality. Would I have liked it better if I weren’t programmed to dislike it? Makes me wonder (and naturally there is a metaphor here).

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5 Responses to No, no, don’t go

  1. Barbara says:

    Since I shared the NOSH experience i can second the fact that each thing was better than the next and the bread pudding was Nirvana. I also tried my first BBQ Pork NACHOS in Memphis. Those Memphis people sure know how to barbeque! It was fat city but I loved it. Also got points for going to the National Civil Rights Museum. Very interesting; they built it around the motel where Martin Luther King got shot and have a secondary building built where the killer was, sort of like the 6th Floor Museum in Dallas. Sad that there had to be these two museums ever built! And for my final “N” I hope that it NEVER happens again.

  2. susanbright says:

    N…..NOTHING like electricity. We got ours back last light and I am NOTHING but happy!

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