Noodles, Neiman’s and Nine

Hail to one new eatery and one new noodle. Had a rare girly day at Neiman Marcus, participating in YSL makeovers and Kate Somerville’s dermal quench treatment. Normally I don’t like anyone fussing with me in public, but I decided to get over myself and have fun with it. And what’s the logical thing to do after moisturizing and makeup? Eat, of course. So we tried the NEIMAN Marcus Cafe, better known as NM Cafe (2 points). Really enjoyed their chicken melt sandwich and their chips. Oh the chips – made on the premises and drizzled with ranch dressing sauce!

I love NOODLES and tried a new kind yesterday at Richardson’s Sushi Loco: Yaki Udon (1 point). Yum. It’s a thick, smooth white noodle with meat, special sauce and vegetables. I think noodles are one of the best comfort foods around – and I never pass up an opportunity to grab some comfort!

Now on to NINE (1 point). Nine gets the short end of the stick: always in the shadow of the great revered TEN. Interestingly, it’s considered a good number in China and an unlucky number in Japan. But I want to play homage to NINE this month. I donated nine books (eight to the library and one to a book club’s holiday basket) and put nine items of clothing into the Goodwill bag so far this month. Next, I’m going to tackle nine knicknacks (there’s probably someone out there who would love them; I certainly don’t) and nine pantry items that I’ll never use (why did I buy them?).

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1 Response to Noodles, Neiman’s and Nine

  1. Barbara says:

    Yeah, nine. i probably gained Nine pounds at my show last week like a Ninny!

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