October 2011 – my MILESTONE MONTH. One year blogging. That’s 2 points for effort!

Although we’re halfway through, I kicked off the month with musical moments at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center. My friend Pat had second row tickets from work for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, with special guest Amy Grant. Never followed her music but she was very enjoyable and the orchestra was grand. Ms. Grant thanked the audience for supporting live music, and that made me think that I should do that more often. With so many of the traditional ways of enjoying the arts hitting the wayside, we should all do our best to keep the personal touch alive.

For an M book, I read Sally MANDEL’S Out of the Blue. New author for me and loved her book. 1 point. She is the type of author who makes writing seem so effortless. The main character deals with MS and although this is a key element in the book, you don’t feel like this is a medical story. Great characters. 

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  1. susanbright says:

    looking for another good M book? Mudbound By Hillary Jordan. Takes place in Mississippi!

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