Guest blogger – Kurt

Laura on her blog: lame, lazy and late! What the “L”!?

However, her travels did include the Lavon Lake Loop, the towns and villages of Lucas, Lavon and the village of Lowry’s Crossing with its unique architecture, lawn signs (Junk and Disorderly) and dead chickens in the road. Also, a secondary trip to Lewisville.

She cooked her famous vegetable soup but added leeks and lentils.

Laura received life-changing news: Twins! No, not her, but our daughter.

Oh, and the cat developed a lisp.

Now onto the M’s.

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5 Responses to Guest blogger – Kurt

  1. susanbright says:

    You know me… I always think books. L is for The Linnet Bird (a book club favorite), Loving Frank and Little Bee!

    • abclauralife says:

      During the L month, I read The LANGUAGE of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh (which I adored) and The Soldier’s Wife by Margaret LEROY (lots to discuss topic-wise, but I didn’t care for the writing so much). Haven’t read The Linnet Bird but did read Loving Frank and Little Bee (one of my favorites) through Bookies, our Newcomer Friends bookclub. By the way, in reference to a previous comment, I saw the movie version of The Help and did not think it compared well to the book. The movie oversimplified nuances of the book and Minnie overshadowed Aibileen on screen (but not in the book).

  2. Depraved David says:

    KURT, Were you one of the lazy K’s of summer?

    I was. My surname is KANEGIS.

    I visited son, Will, during family weekend at Bucknell University in LEWISBURG, Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is booming. It’s the Texas of the East. There are rigs everywhere fracking for gas. This activity has polarized neighbors. Some advocate for clean water and some advocate for natural gas. Periodically, there will be accidents impacting water quality. What shall we drink and bathe in then? LIQUOR?

  3. susanbright says:

    Laura…..where are you!!!

  4. abclauralife says:

    I am still here. Just not blogging right now, sad to say. I have been distracted but I am gearing up to return. I loved living my abc life, especially when I go back and review all the new experiences/places/books/foods/facts I’ve had living one letter at a time. Thanks for giving a shout-out. It’s actually motivating me to get back in the game. October shall be N month!

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