Curtain call

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Attended an evening performance of CHRISTMAS Belles at the Greater Lewisville Community Theatre. What a hoot! My friend Janye was in the play – and that made it so much fun. Local theatres are little gems and I never would have known about this small theater if it weren’t for spreading my abc wings a little. (How’s that for ringing my own bell?)


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  1. Barbara K says:

    Southern Comfort – had two C foods this month. The first was deer Chili. Bambi, you’re safe with me. Deer chili is yuck. Give me good ole beef. The second thing doesn’t seem like it’s new but it actually is. Chicken fried chicken. Chicken fried steak I could understand but chicken fried chicken? Isn’t that just another way of saying fried chicken? Actually, no. The batter is definitely different. It was good eats y’all.

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