Gone clubbing

December, my “C” month has started. And, baby, it’s cold outside. Better heat things up with new experiences.

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A new activity this month is starting a CLUB – a book club. Hadn’t done this intentionally to match up with my “c” month. Just started planning with my sister and then realized it worked out. Already firmly entrenched in one book club and get my feet wet every now and then in another. The members of the new club, Reading Between the Wines, with the exception of two, are all new to the book club experience, so it should be quite an interesting adventure for all. Our first meeting is in January and, alas, not with a “D” book. We’re reading Still Alice by Lisa Genova – a rather risky undertaking for the first book out.

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4 Responses to Gone clubbing

  1. susanbright says:

    Hi Laura,
    I am happy to hear that you are starting a book club. I would love to hear what your group thinks of Still Alice. A few of us were concerned that it may hit “too close to home” for some of us in our 50’s! Perhaps your book club would like to read along with our book club one month and communicate via our book club blog!

    • Laura says:

      Thanks Susan. Still Alice can very definitely hit home with our group as well. I’ve already read it and loved it. Plus, the insights I learned would definitely have helped me several years ago when this did hit home. Information is power, even when its bite is personal. I can’t wait to hear what the rest of the ladies think of the book because there was some resistance to this choice. Your suggestion about reading along with your club sounds like fun. Our first meeting is in mid-January and we’re all excited.

  2. susanbright says:

    By the way, our December book, Cutting For Stone would be a good “C” book!

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