Behind in my “B’s”

The pressure is mounting. Just today and tomorrow to catch up with my entries for my B month. Here they are, in no particular order time-wise:

2 points
Went to BISHOP Arts District, five minutes from downtown Dallas. This is an artsy, quirky composite of roughly 50 local merchants, restaurants and boutiques all within a few blocks.  My favorite place: the Artisans Collective, full of fascinating sculptures, jewelry, paintings – all by local artists and craftspeople. Worth several followup visits, preferably with a bit of money to spend. My favorite restaurant: Hatties. Hands-down the best Southern comfort food place around. Made me long for a leisurely lunch with Pat Conroy. Ya think that might happen?

2 points
A total new discovery: Indian food. Tried so many new tastes…new spices. My favorites: BUTTERED Chicken and BIRYANI. Went with several friends and was personally escorted through the buffet by one of the ladies who is very familiar with all the dishes. I totally loved the new experience and the company!

1 point
The guest speaker for my woman’s club this month was Richard BARRY, “The Man of Many Voices.” How very accommodating that for the second month in a row the club has been faithful to my abc life.

2 points
Studied BONOBOS this month. Unbelievable!  Sharing more than 98% of our DNA, they are humankind’s closest relative, along with chimpanzees. Have you ever heard of a bonobo? Many people haven’t, yet they are complex beings with profound intelligence and a wide range of emotions and sensitivities. They’re capable of reason and carrying on deep relationships and can be taught sign language to communicate with humans. Read Sara Gruen’s novel, Ape House, for an appreciation of this great animal. It will shock you on how little we know about our friends in the wild.

More “B’s” yet to come.

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3 Responses to Behind in my “B’s”

  1. Barbara K says:

    Well you stole my thunder with the Bishop Arts District but you know I loved it too. I’ve been told that next time we need to try Tillman’s Roadhouse for the tater tots made of goat cheese and the Brie Burgers (would have worked for B month but too late now!). – 2 pts

    For my study this month I looked up the history of the brassiere. The word is derived from the French word meaning arm protector. I, for one, often use my bra to protect my arm. The current French word for brassiere means throat support – maybe for those of us with realllllly large breasts!

  2. Janye says:

    I love all the B’s this month! Particularly the part about the BONOBOS since I’ve never heard about them. I do believe I’ll do some research about them as I love nature!

    Keep up the great work ladies and I’ll live vicariously through you since I can’t seem to get my act together to broaden my activities.

    • abclauralife says:

      You’ll love reading about the bonobos. And you have at least 2 points done in November – becoming a new BOARD member for an organization you admire is definitely spreading your wings into new territories!

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