Boys in the band + beyond bickering

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A week ago I went with a friend to hear a BAND – the Texas Instruments Jazz Band. Imagine 18 engineers and scientists cranking out jazz and then upgrade that image. This band was talented, entertaining, versatile and well worth the $5 admission. Since they represent TI (love those shirts), do they get time off to practice? Inquiring minds want to know.

2 points
Secrets of Eden by Chris BOHJALIAN is described as a novel of “shattered faith, intimate secrets and the delicate nature of sacrifice.” I found nothing delicate about this story. Can domestic violence have a delicate side? Bohjalian is a master at his craft and I have been a follower of his for some time. This book, however, was not one of my favorites. I guessed the ending way too soon and wasn’t particularly emotionally invested in any of the characters. My favorite book by him: Midwives.

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3 Responses to Boys in the band + beyond bickering

  1. Barbara K says:

    I was cleaning out my son’s room which, by the way, for years has been a receptacle of all the things I didn’t know what to do with, and I came upon something that I’m sure he would die of embarrassment if he knew I saw. It was the 365 days of sexual positions. So in honor of the new month and the letter B, I started off my Bs by trying the Betty Rocker. (don’t ask and I won’t tell)! – Surely I get extra credit for that!

  2. Barbara K says:

    For my B book, I read Blind Faith Hotel. This was a good book to read before Thanksgiving. It was a coming of age book but mostly it made me thankful…thankful that I grew up in such a steady household with 2 loving parents and great siblings, thankful that although we didn’t have a lot we had a lot more than so many people, thankful that except for one move we stayed in place and were able to establish friendships, and thankful that I was able to provide the same thing for my kids as they grew up. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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