Better burger blues

2 points

Started off the month with a new BURGER – one from a cow that grazed only on grass. No hormones, additives or oyster bars for this bovine. Great place called The Grazing Cow, with the best pomegranate lemonade ever. My burger was topped with a generous heap of goat cheese and I really should have taken half home. (Notice I said “should.”) Now I realize BURGER isn’t a completely new experience but this burger was worth tasting and talking about.

1 point

Second on the food lineup was the BLUE MESA. Love this place but I have been here before – even if it was quite some time ago. The new experience: a BLUE margarita. Thought maybe the blue came from food coloring but fortunately it’s from a liquer. Tasty and trippy.

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5 Responses to Better burger blues

  1. Pat says:

    What about the jazz BAND Saturday night? That’s a “B”. Gotta B worth at least 2 points!

  2. Pat says:

    Just ate dinner. Not a burger but a steak. I’ll have to try the grazing cow. Sounds fabulous.

  3. susanbright says:

    How about a visit to my home town……. BALTIMORE!

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