Adios “A”, Bonjour “B”

October, my A month, went by so quickly. Need to tidy up loose ends so I can begin my B month.

Last-minute accomplishments:
2 points
Having never baked an apple pie, I decided to give it a try but on a smaller scale. Went for an APPLE torte, which was more like an apple crumbly pie. Came out okay but not necessarily a keeper. Tasted better when I sampled it earlier in the month from someone else’s efforts. Also tried an AMARETTI torte, which was more successful but I went too heavy on the Almond Extract. But I tried! Lesson learned: when measuring liquids, do not do it over the entire batter. Spillage cannot be retrieved.

2 points
Attended an ACTING performance: The Curse of the Castle Mongrew at Dallas Childrens’ Theater. Very enjoyable even though I felt the actors/actresses were stronger than the script. The best part: I sat next to someone who heartily laughed at every little nuance. It was contagious. Naturally, my friends and I were soon hysterical as well. Turned out he was the director of development. Understandably, it’s much easier to laugh at the performances given by people you know. I’ll get to experience that in my “C” month when a friend performs in Christmas Belles in a nearby city.

Aborted activity:
Was all set to read ANNA KARENINA. But it’s 800 pages. Just not going to happen now. But oh how intriguing is the opening: “Happy families are all alike. Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

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2 Responses to Adios “A”, Bonjour “B”

  1. Barbara K says:

    I’ve Barged into November with my Bs already. For 2 pts I read a Book called “Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It”. It was a collection of short stories about relationships. I usually don’t Bother with short stories but these were actually quite good. On Saturday I’m going on a charity teddy Bear ride (2 pts again); I’ll let you know how that goes!

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