New Activity: Drawing

Both of us have absolutely no art skills. Ironically one of our favorite games with the family at Thanksgiving is Who, What, Where, which is a game in which you have to draw a scenario that describes your who, what and where cards. E.g., Shirley Temple swimming in the bathtub. Ours are the pictures that draw the most laughs as no one can figure out what we’ve drawn.

But we digress. This week we decided to see if there’s any hope for us. Laura had a book on how to draw so we chose a picture of a wild cat. The book had some steps leading up to the finished product, so we were somewhat optimistic. Alas, we think we won’t give up our day jobs (although we already have).

This is what we were copying:

These are our end products:

D Reading Challenge activity – DIY Bookmark

We channeled our inner child for our next reading challenge. Inappropriately giddy over the purchase of a box of craft supplies, we picked our favorites to use in this project. Actually proud of how they came out and will cause a smile when we read our next books.

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