New Activity – Collin College Theatre Department

The Collin College Theater’s production of “Lost Girl” was an “unusual” experience for us. We decided to go see it because it had been awarded the 2018 Kennedy Center Darrell Ayers National Playwriting Award and it would fulfill our “C” Reading Challenge (go to local community college’s play if it’s based on a book). The play continues the story of J.M. Barrie’s famous character Wendy Darling – the girl who had to grow up. We meet Wendy many years after her return from Neverland and learn about her determination to find Peter Pan and reclaim her kiss. It’s the only way she can move on with her life. And, it’s the only way the play will finally end and we can leave! Talk about tedious.

Unfortunately, we did not enjoy the play but admired the production details and found the actress Haley A. Kanik who played Wendy to be very talented. But the most memorable thing about the evening was the young gal who sat just a few seats away from us who had the loudest and most irritating laugh you’ve ever heard! Plus, she laughed at things that barely deserved a chuckle. We decided she herself was probably a student at Collin College and was enjoying her friends on stage…as did the majority of the audience, who were generous in their applause. It wasn’t the best of afternoons for us but it’s nice to support the local arts.

Activity – CONTEST

Barbara: I find contests intriguing. There are loads of lists on the web of all kinds of contests. People could potentially spend their whole day in front of the computer, submitting an entry into every contest out there. Just for the heck of it, though, I found a contest site for writers and even though I’m not one, I did have a silly short story (“Candy From Strangers”) I wrote in school (how many years ago was that!) and submitted it to Servicescape. No shot of winning whatsoever as I read some of the past winners’ entries, but it was fun to hit the button. The contest ends the end of November.

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