The bad thing about taking “a break” from something is that it is often tough to get back into the groove. But now we are determined to return to our ABC Life because we’ve gained so much from it already.

We started to look back at some of the things we did, ate, learned, read, etc. and most of them we would not have experienced had we not been following the ABC Life. As a matter of fact, we intend to REVISIT the restaurants that we have gone to and said we loved….and then never went back. What?!

The first thing we are going to do since it is a New Year after all, is:
22 for 22: Our New Year’s RESOLUTIONS

We’ve decided to categorize them into Personal, Health and Home. Here goes:


Personal (9)
Plan dude ranch trip with family
Revisit restaurants we discovered and loved on the ABC Life
Go on more day trips and overnighters with Laura
Plan trips within U.S. to take with A.D.
Go to Yoga Retreat in the Pines
Plan weekly recipes on Sunday mornings
Scan medical directives and send to kids, A.D. and Laura (never like to think about this but it’s a must do)
Polish all my silver jewelry that has gone black during the pandemic
One book a month; one documentary a month

Health (5)
Go to exercise class or use treadmill, starting at least twice a week
Cut down on sweets, especially at mah jongg
Drink 8 glasses of water to minimize cramping
Cook more fish recipes
Participate in more Wonder Woman walking trails

Home (8)
Go through bookcase of cookbooks, pulling out recipes to try, and attempt to get rid of some of the books
Organize paperwork in office; make folders for upcoming trips
Clean out filing cabinet in garage and go through some of the shelves
Clean out the bottom of the downstairs bathroom vanity
Review Texas Highways magazine and update spreadsheet with cities/places of interest for ABC Life
Review items in Safety Deposit box
Go through Eric’s closet and get rid of most of the stuff on the shelves
Finally figure out how to remove the vines stuck on the Hardy Board planks of the house.


Personal (9)
Go to Yoga Retreat in the Pines
Take more day trips and overnighters
Plan more family vacations
Keep up with daily planner: include “this made me smile today” and daily spending sections
Write weekly menu plans in notebook: then use it as 2023’s yearly meal plans
Find something new I’m passionate about (hobby, cause, etc.)
Schedule more purposeful “me” time
Clean up email inbox
One book a month/one documentary a month

Health (7)
Build an exercise plan: at home, at a studio/gym and walking routine
Reduce sugar intake
Return to juicing habit and/or smoothies
Prep fruit and veggies for quick grab as snacks
Visit a Farmer’s Market bimonthly
Drink more water: devise a system
Find new healthy “take-out” resources

Home (6)
Organize/update key records and documents
Keep up with Ultimate Home Checklist
Tackle a full house declutter: aim for room-by-room plan and monthly concentration
Do a monthly “eat from pantry” week to keep items moving and prevent out-of-dates
Replace refrigerator
Reduce amount of food waste: set up system to not forget about food to use up

The 22 for ’22 is based on the author Gretchen Rubin’s yearly challenge. Like Gretchen, we will try to accomplish our 22 but we are using them as goals or as a “wish list” – not as a “must do” list. Feel free to join us by creating your own 22 for ’22. We’d love to see what you have planned for this year.

Happy New Year

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  1. Ellen Cherin says:

    I gave up on new year’s resolutions years ago since they usually turn out to be a lesson in failure. You girls are way ambitious and I commend you for it but I don’t want to feel compelled to do that many things. I also find resolutions become more of a chore and less fun when you feel driven to do them. I hope I have to eat my hat next December 31st when you write that you’ve accomplished them all! Happy new year to you both, hugs, Ellen

    • abcsisters says:

      Agreed that resolutions typically are annoying and rarely get accomplished. That’s why we are regarding them solely as “wouldn’t it be nice if….” And if you do have to eat your hat, we would suggest a straw one; the feathered kind are hard to digest! Wishing you the best year ever!

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