New Activity (almost) – PECANS

Texas has a lot of pecan farms and so we were both pretty pumped up and primed for some pecan sampling. Laura called one farm that mentioned in D Magazine that it allows people to shake the trees to get their pecans to fall off. That sounded like fun but when she called, she was told that their crop would not be ready until some time in November. So, we called a place in Wylie that sold pecans that were grown on their farm in Telephone Texas (population 700) and got a recording. The web showed that they were open, though, so we got in the car to drive out. We were doubly excited because we figured that after buying the pecans we would come home and bake a Pecan Pie Cake from a recipe created by one of the Texas pecan farmers. So, imagine how disappointed and pissed off we were when we got there and saw this sign:

Pecans (2)

So, no pecans, no pecan pie cake. However, we did go to Ballard Street Café and buy a piece of pecan pie fresh out of the oven and piping hot. Even though November is no longer P month, when the time comes, we will head out to the farm, shake that tree, and bake that cake!

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