2 points: New city: MALAKOFF

As we’ve mentioned many times, the ABC Life has been the perfect vehicle to get us to experience new activities, visit new places and expand our minds and palettes. So each month, we are on the lookout for matchups with our letter of the month and purposefully choose alphabetically. But this month, the letter chose us – and delivered a relaxing, memorable getaway.

Meet MALAKOFF, a small town in Henderson County. Neither of us had heard of this town on Cedar Creek Lake, but luckily one of our book club friends knows someone who lives there and she let us all house sit for a few days. The setting was perfect! The grounds were lovely, the lake was peaceful and we relaxed, laughed loudly, read quietly, played games (Mahjongg included)…well you get the picture.

An added bonus was the unexpected culinary gems we discovered. One was a local winery with a lunch selection that left us drooling (among other things the best Caesar Salad ever)

Malakoff2 (2)

and the other a beautiful restaurant behind a small store that had wonderful decor and even better food.

To top things off, we took a wrong turn and came upon a random family of deer in someone’s yard.

Malakoff (2)

Relaxation never felt this Marvelous!

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  1. Rosemary Brown says:

    How wonderful – the unexpected gems always create such happy memories. What fun to enjoy time away relaxing and not having to think about your usual life in Dallas. The small restaurants sound perfect. Love the picture of the deer. 🌹


    • abcsisters says:

      We totally agree Rosemary! Getting away is always valuable for refreshing your mind and body – and when unexpected treats fall your way, it’s quite the treat!

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